What’s that you say… You love us? Awww. Shucks.


Thunderbird Theatre’s latest offering, AGNES THE BARBARIAN, is as good as theatre gets — if not better. The writing is sharp and funny, with plenty of in-jokes for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, pulp fiction, and comics, but you’ll enjoy this even if you’re not “in the know”. The actors make full use of the intimate setting to involve the audience in their onstage fun. The entire cast and crew are always witty, charming, and personable; even the venue is surprisingly friendly and comfortable (given the neighborhood).

I haven’t ever seen a Thunderbird show that wasn’t fun, but this one is the best yet!  Just make sure you use the bathroom before the show begins; otherwise, you just might laugh hard enough to have an unfortunate accident. And Jason Harding, if you’re reading this, PLEASE WRITE MORE!

(Kathleen H., El Cerrito)

I’m sure Mrs M is not the only one out there who happens to be a big Jane Austen/Pride & Prejudice/Bridget Jones Diary/Colin Firth fan AND a Twilight/Buffy/David Boreanaz fan (and no, I am not using “Mrs M” as a euphemism for my own feminine side–*I* prefer Nathan Fillion as my hunky Joss Whedon hero of choice, thank you very much).

If so, I implore you to put down Breaking Dawn for a few hours and go see Pride & Succubus, playing through Saturday at Thunderbird Theatre’s current home in deep SOMA.  Even if you have only a passing familiarity with Mademoiselles Austen and Gellar, you’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with this marvel of witty writing (I’d mention a brilliant topical joke or two, but I don’t want to spoil it), exuberant acting, and all-around grassroots gumption–in short, indie theater at its liveliest and most accessible (seriously, the staff here will charm you instantly, not weird you out or make you feel uncool).  Not to mention the finest concession stand prices in the Bay Area ($2 for a shot of Tequila, and they even provide the salt and lime).

But do dress in layers; the barebones venue gets quite hot, even with the nice hand-fans they provide.

(Wes M., San Francisco)

This year’s production, Aaah! Rosebud is great.   Thunderbird might be the best small, underground/independent theatre company in the Bay Area.  They consistently do a great job and put on ridiculous, corny and thoroughly entertaining shows for a reasonable price.

So many companies use low budget as an excuse for not rehearsing and putting on overpriced, lame productions that only their friends will find amusing.  A friend complained to me that she wouldn’t audition for Thunderbird because they rehearse so much.  She didn’t get it.  That’s why I always go to their shows and they usually sell out.

(Tofu A., San Francisco)

The Thunderbird Theatre Company has got to be the coolest, quirkiest, most talented little theatre company out there in the Bay Area. The performances are unbelievable and packed with punch. I’ve never laughed so hard nor was so surprised at how ingenius the productions the Thunderbird Theatre Company are.

The actors are amazing. They don outrageous costumes, sing ridiculous tunes, and deliver punchlines better than most comedians on Comedy Central. The Las Vega-Nauts was a cross between super heroes, swiss chalets, and the biggest sin city of the world. What they did with the stage and how the story unfolded was just amazing. And yes, there really was a story there.

During intermission, they rallied up the crowd and had a raffle. Guess who won? My future roomie. He was handed a Toblerone. Guess who won the grand prize? Moi!! Guess what I won- a shot of tequila! And yes I downed that puppy in front of the audience. I also got to take a picture with my favorite cast member, our friend, Max Bernstein, Lou Agoni, Waiter and Innocent Victim. We took a picture in front of Paris!Paris! He looked a little like the Mask all green in a tuxedo. My night with the Thunderbird Theatre Company was unforgettable. It also turned out to be themed complete with dinner at Fondue Freds and speaking Swedish!

(Rachel A., Queens, NY)

A rollicking good time.

Last Friday night we saw “Pride and Succubus”.  As we were standing outside we were a bit wary.  My friend kept saying, “I hope this is going to be funny.”  Well, those fears were quashed – not only was it funny, it was well acted and simply a gosh-darned good time.  (Even if I didn’t win the raffles.)  Ah well, next time.  And I mean that, because I will definitely go to more of their shows.

(Lisa W., San Francisco)