Salty Towers

Salty Towers

Written by Dana C. Constance, Bryce Allemann, and Kathy Hicks.
Directed by Christopher P. Kelly.

July 8th – 23rd, 2011
Thursdays – Saturdays, 8PM
Sundays, 3PM

The EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco

Madcap farce, sledgehammer wit and cheeky behavior rule the day as the wonderfully rude god of the sea Poseidon and his dutiful but inept hotel staff of sea creatures vie to host the first Olympics in a colossal competition of manners and hospitality.

Dimwitted Poseidon, the most underappreciated God of Mount Olympus and proprietor of a 2-star hotel at the bottom of the sea, is hoping for respect and redemption by vying to host the first Olympics. Can he, his venomous wife Medusa and a bumbling staff of sea creatures pass muster? Or will the clever goddess Athena outfox the short-fused Poseidon once again? The guest list includes a litany of insatiable gods behaving badly, a mounted singing toy fish and the optimistic one-hit wonder Bobby McFerrin… It is just another farcical day under the sea at Salty Towers.