Rocket Girl

Written by Jason Harding, Martin Chavira and Jean Spinosa.
Directed by Jason Harding.

October 31 – November 2, 2002
San Francisco


This musical comedy is the bastard love child of Flash Gordon and All About Eve, put to an original, electronic soundtrack with unforgettable, foot-tapping tunes. Ha-cha-cha!

In our story, Rocket Girl is the hero of the galaxy! But here comes the evil organization U.N.I.C.E.F. (United Network of Incredibly Crafty, Evil F**kers) to bring mayhem to the universe. Will fame, glory and vanity keep Rocket Girl from saving Earth and the United Planets? Will her love for Professor Miles O’Manmeat’s very large … um, intellect, get in the way? Or will her jealous rival, Narsi Neptuna, and her backstabbing ways finally bring Rocket Girl to her knees? Find out, space cadets, as the Thunderbird Theater Company brings the musical adventures of Rocket Girl to your corner of the galaxy!



(in order of appearance):

Rear Admiral Leggs Akimbo: Jennifer Lucas
President Wiggley / Buster Cornhole: Brian Asman
Queen of Venus /Ming: Laura Lineback
Reporter 1 / Sid Fishous: Muji
Reporter 2 /Fleischaker: Bryce Allemann
Reporter 3: Jennifer Meek
Space Pope: Donald the Nut
Altar Boy: Troy Wolverton
Rocket Girl: Rana Kangas-Kent
Narci Neptuna: Sarah Mitchell
Polly Planetarium: Dianna David
Megapong V and VI: Cameron Weston
Kelly Komet: Alyse Courtney
Moonie Brown: Melinda Jones
Teen Fan/Ulanova: Allison stone
Fanatic Fan/Zag: Jing Bentley
She-Dog: Jaina Davis
Dr. Squirrel: Seanetta
Tug: Jon Bailey
Gorilla Shakespeare: Ron Richardson
Miles O’ Manmeat: Ryan Meyer

Production staff:
Director: Jason Harding
Music Directors: Krista Wigle, Christine McClintock
Choreographer: Marilynn Fowler
Fight Choreographer: John Ficarra
Production Manager: Heidi Gatty
Technical Director: Patrick Musni
stage Manager: Christina Lloyd
Costumer: Sybil Tate
Graphic Designer: Josh Ellingston
Web page design: Tofu
Publicity staff: Bryce Allemann, Jon Bailey, Jennifer Meek

Creative staff:
Writers: Martin Chavira, Jason Harding, Jean Spinosa
Composer: Christine McClintock
Lyrics by: Martin Chavira, Jason Harding, Jean Spinosa, Katya Hicks, Christina Chavira, Christine McClintock
Additional script dialogue by: Katya Hicks, Christina Chavira