Release the Kraken

Written by Dana Constance & Bryce Allemann.
Directed by Bryce Allemann.

August 10th – 26th, 2006
New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street (between 8th and 9th streets)
San Francisco


Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena and the other Greek Gods on Mount Olympus challenge our hero Perseus to slay the Kraken,
the last of the Titan monsters… but wait! Perseus works in a strip mall ? Can our hero Perseus meet the trials given him by the Gods, or will he lose all that a minimum wage clerk holds dear in life?

Release the Kraken is a comedic modern retelling of the Perseus Myth, where the good must overcome such challenges as the mighty Medusa, the creepy Three Stygian Witches, two-headed dogs, and overwhelming desires to play XBox or Ultimate Frisbee.