Lusty Booty

Written by Jason Harding.
Directed by Malinda Trimble.

August 12th – September 4th, 2004
New Langton Arts
San Francisco, CA


The Thunderbird Theatre Company’s Original Summer Pirate Comedy

Climb aboard the pirate ship “Filthy Whore” and witness for yourself a ribald tale of piracy and true love! Join in the lusty adventures of orphaned heiress, Isadora Spankbottom, as she encounters dastardly villains, swarthy pirates, and handsome men with mysterious pasts as she searches for freedom and true love!

Can the naïve yet brazen Isadora defeat the evil schemes of lawyer and villain Beauchamp de Beauchamp?

Will she find love with the handsome man of the cloth, Father John, or will she fulfill her carnal desires with the notorious Handsome Jack the pirate?

These questions and more are answered in the bodice-ripping comedy Lusty Booty.

Now in it’s sixth year, the Thunderbird Theatre Company presents Lusty Booty, a comedic take on the dime-store pirate romance novels that have caused lonely housewives to swoon for decades. Set in the early 1800s, “Lusty Booty” takes audiences from the elegant estates of British aristocracy to the high seas aboard an infamous pirate ship. Thrill as our heroine encounters the bloodthirsty pirates Mary Jane, Unga Bunga, Girly Pete and Caricature Bill. Gasp at the underhanded trickery of Beauchamp de Beauchamp and his manservant Toady. Swoon to the growing love between a proper English lady and a legendary pirate captain. So strap on your cutlass, load your cannon and start your bosom heaving, for Lusty Booty is coming your way!