Las Vega-Nauts

Written by Jason Harding & Sang S. Kim.
Directed by Sang S. Kim.

September 1st – 17th, 2005
New Langton Arts
San Francisco, CA


The Swiss Mafia threatens to ruin America’s ‘City of Sin’ by making it clean and orderly. One lone superhero, “E” the last son of Graceland, fights to preserve truth, justice and the American way… which in Vegas translates as gambling, smoking, and 24hour lap dances.

But wait… what’s this? Rumors that our sequined superhero is corrupt?

Is the mayor of Vegas in bed with a “His Girl Friday” reporter to expose the trail of deceit and protection money that E rakes in? All the while a new gang of mutated super villains hopes to take down our misguided hero and the Swiss Mafia lie in wait consuming fondue and chocolate.