California Travels

Death Play

Written by Sang S. Kim.
Directed by Bryce Allemann.

Mar 11 – Mar 27, 2010
Thursdays – Saturdays, 8PM
The EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco


Since when did dying on stage become a crime? Can a Shakespearean monologue win against a mime pretending he’s trapped in box? Why is the fate of live theater in the hands of a clown? It’s act or die, or die trying?

Now in its twelfth year, The Thunderbird Theatre Company presents “Death Play”. The third installment in the critically acclaimed sketch comedy series, “Serve By Expiration” written by Sang S. Kim. “Death Play” is a full length ninety (90) minute sketch. As a full length sketch, “Death Play” possesses all the wit and satire of sketch comedy reluctantly married to an actual attempt at plot development.

Directed by Thunderbird co-founder, Bryce Allemann, “Death Play” reveals the often rumored but never seen underground world of performance arts competitions to the death. Finally, “Death Play” fulfills the love-hate-confusion relationship for anyone who has experienced independent theater, even accidentally.



Sarah Rose Butler
Shay Casey
Jaime Lee Currier
Matt Gunnison
Jacquie Duckworth
Tavis Kammet
Christopher P. Kelly
Annie Kim
Theresa Miller
Randy Nakagawa
Sunil Patel