Better than Hitler

Written by Jon Brooks.
Directed by Malinda Trimble.

Part of the third annual B.O.A. (Bay One-Acts) Festival
produced by Three Wise Monkeys

February 26- 29, 2004
Eureka Theatre
San Francisco


Just watch the fun begin when Republican Adolph Hitler takes on Democrat Benito Mussolini in a U.S. Presidential Election. Third-party candidate, Jesus Christ, adds to the electoral antics by threatening to tip the balance to Der Fuhrer.

Though Jesus can perform miracles, he can’t get any traction with voters. Frontrunner Hitler stumbles when he makes public his intent to kill the Jews.

And once again, the entire election comes down to Florida.

Yes, it’s Hitler, Mussolini, and Jesus… like you’ve never seen them before!

It’s Better Than Hitler.



Ali Allie
Amrita Gandhi
Colin Hussey
Dave Dyson
Glen Caspillo
Jay Kerzner
Jenn Lucas
Jessica London-Shields
Stacy Malia
Z Roa

Production Team

Bryce Allemann
Heidi H. Gatty
Jason Harding
Jenn Lucas
Katya Hicks
Patrick Musni