Agnes the Barbarian (2)

Agnes the Barbarian

Written by Jason Harding.
Directed by Shay Casey.

July 30 – Aug 14, 2010
The EXIT Theatre
San Francisco


What could be worse that having an overbearing father who just doesn’t understand you? How about an overbearing father who just doesn’t understand you… and who also happens to be Conan the Barbarian!

Worried that their plain, bookish daughter lacks what it takes to be a true barbarian, Agnes’ parents force her to go on a quest to prove her worth as a warrior. Meanwhile, a treacherous plot is underway to steal Conan’s throne and destroy the kingdom of Aquilonia.

Now in its thirteenth year, The Thunderbird Theatre Company presents “Agnes the Barbarian” written by Jason Harding, author of the pirate comedy “Lusty Booty.” Agnes” is an original play that is part homage/part lampoon of the sword & sorcery genre. A story of comedic high adventure, in the same vein as past productions such as “Aaron Trotter and the incident at Bikini Beach”, “Pride and Succubus” and “Aaah! Rosebud.”



Mary Bishop
Jeremy Cole
Jaime Lee Currier
Dana Goldberg
Jason Harding
Tavis Kammet
Cary Klataske
Dan Kurtz
Jennifer Lucas
Jason Pienkowski