Aaron Trotter (1)

Aaron Trotter, and the Incident at Bikini Beach

Written by Peter Finch of San Francisco’s KFOG radio.
Directed by Jeremy Cole.

July 31 – Aug 15, 2009
Thursdays – Mondays, 8PM
The EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco


This summer, the Thunderbird is taking you to the beach, where Aaron Trotter, the boy wizard… (uh, SURFER…) will face his greatest challenge and come face-to-face with his destiny!

Dropped into the magical land of California and thrust into the tight-knit world of the Surfer Academy, Aaron must win the respect of his classmates, overcome the trials of adolescence and solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his long-lost parents.

Little does Aaron know that he is walking right into Evil Von Rottenhauser & Wild-eyed Lulu’s really evil plan!

Will Aaron discover the horrible truth and still find a date for Friday’s beach blanket blowout? Will justice and goodness prevail over their polar opposites?

Can the Thunderbird pull off fake tans, surfing scenes and a weenie roast?