A Thunderbird Night of Terror

Written by Bryce H. Harris IV, Kathy Hicks & Jennifer Lucas, Martin Chavira, Christine McClintock, Sang S. Kim, Jason Harding.
Directed by Heidi Gatty and Bryce Allemann.

August 28th – September 20th, 2003

And two spooky late-night performances:
11:00pm Sept. 6th & 13th
Phoenix Theatre
San Francisco, CA 94102


A Thunderbird Night of Terror is a wicked concoction of suspense and humor!

Your favorite purveyors of over-the-line comedy have conjured up six hilariously horrifying one-acts. Witness the combined evil of rock idols Donovan and Ringo Starr, as they embark on a gruesome quest to destroy the major irritants of modern life. Follow their wicked adventure as they launch a maniacal crusade against organized religion, monster trucks and B.I.N.G.O. Yes, it’s time to grab the edge of your seat. Thrill to the terrifying results as three maladjusted metal-heads raise a demon. Share the nightmare of two desperate women looking for love in an airport lounge. Feel the pain of a woman scorned, as her stalker admits his two-timing ways.

Terror doesn’t get any weirder than this.

It’s an evening of wicked fun, guaranteed to split your sides and shatter your funny bones.

Provided, will be demonic rituals that have gone terribly wrong, the terror which is your local television news, and relationships which make the Twilight Zone look tame.